rbIt all started in 1995 when a native Southern Californian boy met a Bermudian girl in California. They fell in love, got married, had children.  Approximately 10 years later, they followed their hearts to a little island in the middle of the Atlantic, where she grew up as a child.

As they started to settle into island life to raise their two boys, things began to slow down. They realized that there was more to life than buying houses, chasing a career, accumulating stuff….and keeping up with the Joneses.

They slowly moved into the “Island Life”.

Now, they do their best to “Live like they are on vacation” and share this mantra with everyone that crosses their paths.

sico-logoSpencerIsland is not a destination or a location but a way of life.  Living like you are on vacation, is more than sitting on a beach all day drinking…it is living life and getting the most out of everyday, enjoying time with family and friends and most importantly…getting out and exploring.

Over the next few years, SpencerIsland Trading Company will grow and blossom like a palm tree in the tropics.

So follow us on this adventure. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot. Stop rushing. Stop being “busy” and live like you are on vacation.

We hope to see you at the TikiBar 🌴